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Info about aGSM - a freeware game server info monitoring utility. You can contact us with additional questions.

What Is aGSM?

aGSM is alternative Game Server Monitor, a new way to quickly find and monitor (display real-time status) multiplayer game servers for many popular online games. It's a tiny 32bit multithreaded Windows95/98/ME/2000/XP program using WinSock2 (the new network connectivity standard). Our ultimate goal is to give gamers a complete toolbox for all their multiplayer gaming needs - a one small, fast, reliable, and handy freeware tool.

aGSM shows you both Local Area Network and Internet game server info, so the world's multiplayer game servers are just a click away once you've installed aGSM. This utility has many unique features - server finding addon which lists currently active Internet servers for your chosen game, server port scanning which allows you to find all game types running on a server, easy game server join, and much more, all packed in this tiny (sub-500Kb) freeware suite.

aGSM does not have complicated menu systems with thousands of unknown options - user interface is self-explanatory and convenient, with context-sensitive help for every item you can use. aGSM is user-friendly, yet highly configurable for advanced pro-gamers.

With it's unprecedented number of supported games, power options and abilities not matched by any other tool out there, professional C++ hand-coding, and it's unbeatable price ;), aGSM is the best deal for every gamer - both hard-core or novice. Don't take our word for it, read what users have to say.

Main Features

Here are some of the features of aGSM software, in no particular order (true for version 2.52d ):

  • Small 32bit multithreaded application that won't hog your system's resources or interfere with your programs; game servers monitoring performed transparently in background
  • Support for 46* LAN & Internet multiplayer games (see games section for details) - now with Quake 3 Arena, HalfLife, BroodWar, FSGS, and much more!
  • Server import - import a server for any supported game from ISEL database of current online game servers
  • Logging of LAN & Internet game servers info / status - usefull to create online HTML statistics or gaming intensity graphs (make sure your boss does not get aGSM! :) ).
  • Join any running game server - it's possible to specify which command-line configuration you want to use
  • Customizable timeout period separate for LAN and Internet - set how long aGSM would wait for game servers response
  • Server port scanning - fast scan of Internet servers ports to find all running games
  • Accurate ping - set how accurate or fast your pinging should be
  • Support for IPX** and UDP game servers on your LAN
  • Online context sensitive help for every meaningfull item that you see
  • Installer - installs aGSM in a matter of seconds, does not copy anything anywhere, except for the directory where you installed aGSM. Now with Uninstaller which completely removes aGSM and it's registry settings whenever you desire
  • Works in tray - tray menu allows you to refresh Internet or LAN server list; tray icon reflects current server list status
  • Mini-mode - when you don't need extended game server information mini-mode lets you save desktop space, if you prefer to have aGSM opened all the time
  • Subnet scanning & multi-port querying - power features for local and Internet game servers on non-standard ports / subnets
  • Configurable Internet server list management - set your preferences for server list sorting, disabling dead servers, games, more
  • Optional pop-up notification on game servers availability
  • Configurable LAN game server list and Internet server list - quickly set which games/servers aGSM should be monitoring
  • Optional web-style mode for those who are used to single-click operation
  • Right-mouse-button menus in lists contain the most important actions
  • Keyboard shortcuts (see online help) to allow you get what you need without even moving your mouse
  • 24/7 FREE technical support that would answer all your questions regarding aGSM;
*: new version would have more games supported
**: IPX is not supported on WinXP right now

How Much Does It Cost?

aGSM is a lifetime freeware. There are no nag screens, reminders, reduced functionality, timelimit, spyware, ad banners, and other shareware bullshit. We do not want to make you guys pay money. Not a single cent. We made this utility for ourselves, to avoid using other huge and cumbersome tools for finding servers, but then it has become too good to keep it hidden, so we are giving it away to make your gaming life easier. Enjoy.

You can use it for free and distribute it to as much people as you like. In fact, we even ask you to do this :) If you like it, help other people find it. If you don't like it, please tell us why.
Read the License Agreement for details regarding aGSM distribution.

Future Plans

See our ToDo list to get a feeling of what's to come in the next versions. Of course, any additional ideas and proposals are very welcome.

Currently, we are starting redesign and cleaning of code base, rewriting the program basically from scratch to create a modular, plugin-extendable aGSM version 3, fully supporting all possible games and configurable by user. No dates are set since the project remains hobby-based, we don't have sponsors. Our goal is to create a bug-free, fast, robust, convenient and freeware game server monitor, using the most advanced technology to bring you worlds multiplayer fun for free. Stay tuned for new releases and more cool free stuff from us, and thank you for your support!

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