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This page is for game-related companies or organizations that wish to advertise on the aGSM.Net site, or in the program itself. If you want to use our superior game monitoring engine please see the engine section.


Due to it's very special nature aGSM is the tool for both hardcore and novice gamers. All of our users are pretty much familiar with Internet and LAN gaming; we don't have accidental visitors - our audience is highly targeted. If you are seeking advertisement in this area you've come to the right place - lowest prices and best audience that you can find - promote your game-related business today!

Please do not offer us advertising on your site, our project is non-commercial and we can not afford paying lots of money for banner impressions. Our rates are substantially lower than on any other web site, and we spend generated revenues on our server maintenance.

Site Advertising

Please contact us if you want to advertise on this site. We can work out a solution that suits your needs, and guarantee prices well below average, and targeted audience of serious online gamers.

We would consider exchanging links with sites which have similar (but non-rivaling) contents. If you want to exchange links please contact webmaster. Note that placement of a link to your site would depend on the average daily amount of visitors to your site and placement of the link to our site on it.

aGSM Advertising

In-program advertising is available in a form of a text string which would be displayed in the most visible place in aGSM program, over 50,000 times per day, with a link leading to the site you specify. We can sell you this space either on per display or per click basis; since it is highly targeted we offer 100 clickthroughs for $40 or 100,000 exposures for $100, volume discounts available. Please email us if you are interested, note that we only agree to display advertisements that we consider potentially usefull to our audience and of high quality, to ensure highest CTR.

If you want to sponsor aGSM project we can work out some advertisement plan personally for you. Sponsorship would involve money donations for development of new versions and covering database server costs. If you are seriously interested in helping/acquiring aGSM, please contact us.

We are open to any discussion, so please don't hesitate to mail us! Looking forward to advertise your business.

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