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Last update: February 26 2007, 14:07:32.

2.47a build uploaded; Frozen Throne / WC3 1.10

posted Tuesday, October 14, 2003 by PiRaMidA

New aGSM 2.47a has been built/uploaded by PaPa today. Including fix for BF1942 lan scanning as pointed out on our new forums (thanks guys) :), upgrade of WC3 support to 1.10. and inclusion of WC3 Frozen Throne LAN support (though untested, it should work - let us know if it does / does not and which version of FT you are playing).

Download the latest development snapshot, let us know if you encounter any problems.

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New, better hosting, new forum up

posted Thursday, September 4, 2003 by PiRaMidA

Moved over to a new semi-dedicated server - mostly to be able to deal with sobig.f (and sostupid) taking over our email and host being down because of it way too often. Things should be much stabler now, but as usual, some glitches may be encountered in the first few days.

Oh, and we have Google Ads up as you may notice — they do have some great (and related, what's most important) offerings. Tell us if you hate them!

In other news, our old perl forum which sucked has been removed and placed in a readonly archive, instead we got a new, much improved and greater looking forum system in place for your bugreports and not only that. It definitely needs someone to start a conversation, so head over the new forum to tell us what you all think about game servers community or actually... anything. VeriSign for example is a good flame topic lately :)

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aGSM 2.46c - Wc3 1.06, Jedi Knight 2, BF1942 RtR, more

posted Saturday, June 21, 2003 by PiRaMidA

It's been a long time, things were not moving too fast around here. Yet another update that has been betatested for quite some time now, goes public. This version includes LAN support for McGee's Alice (which is single player but reports as a Quake3 server, so we had to separate it), F.A.K.K. 2, and full (Lan/Internet) support for Battlefield 1942, (including addon Road to Rome), American Army: Operations, and Jedi Knight 2. Also, this update extends Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos support to version 1.06.

Among other things is semi-finished Lithuanian support (the translator vanished in the process) and some display/networking fixes. As usual, download this update from here and unpack on top of your existing aGSM installation. Have a nice summer ;)

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aGSM 2.41c update out - MoH: AA and SoF 2 support

posted Thursday, September 5, 2002 by PiRaMidA

Yet another pre-release update, now featuring Soldier of Fortune 2 and Medal of Honor: Allied Assault full support (LAN and Internet). We have added a few servers to ISEL database, but not too much, so please add your favourite servers for these games to your local lists.

Download update here, and as usual, just unpack it to the directory where you installed aGSM.

As in the previous version, kudos for the games MoH: AA and SoF2 go to Trinity, our local games supplier. Thanks! :)

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aGSM 2.39c executable update out

posted Saturday, August 10, 2002 by PiRaMidA

Another update - not the release just yet - but it is very stable and it has Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos support, yeah. Besides that and impressive number of minor fixes (which you might not notice), you will see Ghost Recon support, kudos goes to Trinity who went through the trouble of sending us that game, which is her favourite, to see it added. So it was added without almost any votes for it on our game voter :) Download the update now.

Warcraft 3 was removed from the voter, so you can revote if your choice was WC3. Next we plan MoH: AA support, and release shortly after.

Few quick tips on playing multiplayer Warcraft3 with aGSM (we hope to have a FAQ section just for it some time later) - if you use Battle Net, you don't need aGSM - connect to the gateway and play away. Now, if you want a quick LAN game with your friends, that's when aGSM will be handy to show you all running games. Also, aGSM supports Internet servers of Warcraft 3, which are not yet possible - in the future, when and if those servers will become available, aGSM will support them. Right now, if you want to have non-BNet Internet session of WC3, you either have to use FSGS/bnetd/pvpgn (sorry, no support for pvpgn just yet), or setup a Virtual Private Network with your friends and join LAN games (see your Windows online help, it is trivial in Win XP).

Your feedback, as usual, is welcome in our forums.

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Vote for the next game!

posted Friday, March 22, 2002 by PiRaMidA

While we all sit around and wait for the next public version to publish itself ;), why don't you help us deciding which games should be added to aGSM? We think that our users should define the priority in which we'll try to find and support newest multiplayer games, so, please take this poll (results would be manually processed, so cheating is like donating money using a stolen credit card - i.e. stupid). You can vote only for one game; we understand that you want them all, but please select the one you play most often, that would be really helpfull.

No emails would of course be used anywhere except when deciding validity of your vote. We reserve the right to contact you if we decide to support the game you chose, but only with questions about how you play that particular game :) Thanks.

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2.37c update out

posted Friday, March 15, 2002 by PiRaMidA

Another beta exe update following 2.37a (and unannounced 2.37b) and fixing few things, such as RtCW serverlist import (oops) and more little fixes. Download here.

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aGSM 2.37a update is out

posted Tuesday, March 12, 2002 by PiRaMidA

New development update, aGSM 2.37a, is now available for download, as usual in a form of an executable file update. Besides minor fixes, it features UDP support for Broodwar 1.09 and added support for Return to Castle Wolfenstein (which was already supported as Quake3, but now has a separate entry). Enjoy the new release, and feel free to submit your newly found bugs.

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Pre-beta-test 2.36e available; new bugtraq

posted Thursday, November 29, 2001 by PiRaMidA

New pre-beta test version 2.36e (see news below) is available for download. It features few minor bugfixes (HTML generation, aliases, etc) and big threading rewrite for Internet refreshes (much faster).

We'll try to keep you up to date with the development process by uploading newest builds. We have set up a simple bug tracking interface where everyone can submit bugs and feature requests, you can login there right now. Or you can send your nitpicks via email, whichever method you prefer, we'd love to hear from you.

Stay tuned for the upcoming release.

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New version - close to release, available for test

posted Thursday, November 15, 2001 by PiRaMidA

What, an update??? Yes. We are kindly asking you to evaluate the prototype for the new release that will be out after it's polished. It IS NOT the new release yet, simply an .exe file update. If you wish to help us test it, please download the new executable, put it in the directory where you have aGSM installed, and use it as you usually do and more, reporting all problems which you might encounter. We have made every possible attempt to clean out the bugs out of this one, please help us in this final testing stage. Submit your newly found bugs (in this new test only!), as usual, to Thanks! :)

For those of you not willing to pre-beta-test, we will release this new version in a few weeks, stay tuned. As for what changed... You will see later, some things might still change. Much faster speeds and better stability are key factors.

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aGSM 2.35c released

posted Sunday, December 17, 2000 by PiRaMidA

2.35c, or the post-release update of aGSM, is now out. Quite a few things were fixed, and Romanian language was added. List of fixes:

  • TryEnterCriticalSection bug on Windows95 - fixed

  • Major loading and exiting speed improvements

  • Import list sorting crashes - fixed

  • QuakeWorld servers listed as Quake could crash aGSM - fixed

  • Positioning of configuration window beyond desktop area - fixed

Of course, as usual there are many smaller polishing things done which we don't list. This is a minor update to 2.35b, which was intended to be the last version, and we strongly recommend you to download 2.35c because it is more robust, much faster starts and exits, and has Romanian support, if you happen to speak that language.

This would be the last version of 2.xx series, unless someone would finally go ahead and do the French and Italian translations, in which case we'll issue another minor update.

So, head over to downloads page and grab 2.35c (which happens to fit in 364Kb with 35 supported games), we promise it is faster and more convinient than GameSpy's beasts or your money back (no, aGSM still is freeware).

Have fun and Happy New Millennium to all of you! :)

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We were doing some crazy moves; stopped.

posted Monday, November 6, 2000 by PiRaMidA

To those 99% of you who don't give a sh*t about where we are hosted - aGSM 2.35c should be released soon. We want to nail everything down, so send us your bugs! To the interested fraction of our users - read on (and thanks for being interested, btw).

Yeah! If you can read this - we have finally stopped moving around from server to server to server to server to server... And stopped. We have departed from all known and unknown gaming networks and would try our best to avoid hosting with them in the future. And remember - never, ever, let networks like FGN host you, unless of course you run a porno or warez site. You're in for quite a few surprises along the way.

Now that we're done with all that, we want to say sorry to all people who were unable to access our site or servers database for the past week; the trouble is over. We are now on a non-commercial zero-profit network of four and a half sites which is run by the world-famous mr. morn, who also develops portals like Developium and others, which would be highly illegal to even mention in some countries / companies so we won't ;) Please pay him a visit for letting us piggy back on his servers & generally being cool when awake.

Yes, the popup ad that was around this site is gone, too. However, since we don't pay for this site's hosting (morn does), we would be displaying whatever sponsors he comes up with, and that most probably would be same old ad banners. If you want to see bannerless version of this and 4.5 other cool sites, send morn a monthly check for 500$ which would cover server's hosting & bandwidth - okey, so you won't, but at least we tried...

With clever server administation, we believe we finally won't be experiencing periodic server fuckups and service failures. No, actually we have to give credit where it's due to FGN's hosting - during the last year, when no one was touching or changing anything at their side, their linux box was running smooth (ignoring the fact that the server had 0 bytes left on it :) ). But, last week they decided to move, and everything went to hell and stayed there. So we moved out.

Did you already visit Developium? :) It's actually a very nice site for game developers & programmers, with lots of resources, discussion boards, etc.

Something more aGSM-related would be posted later, if some meteorite won't kill us in the meantime.

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Win95 OSR2 problems

posted Thursday, September 21, 2000 by PiRaMidA

Hi, quick update - due to a small compiler glitch aGSM 2.35b was not starting up on Win95 OSR2 with "TryEnterCriticalSection" fault. Full bugfix update would be out in a week or so, to make it work on Win95 OSR2 now please download this patch and unzip it to the directory where you installed aGSM. It has the Win95 OSR2 bug and some more minor bugs fixed.

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aGSM 2.35b for Win98/2k released

posted Friday, September 15, 2000 by PiRaMidA

Okey. The final (from 2.xx series) aGSM version 2.35b is out today, with most known bugs fixed and added support for FSGS (on LAN/Inet) and Nox (on LAN).
(FSGS allows you to play Diablo, Diablo2, StarCraft and Wacraft BNE on Internet). Also added are Polish, Swedish and Danish languages, reverse lookup of ip addresses, server's ip address is copied to clipboard when you join, and more minor improvements. Fixes include scan/refresh otpimizations, some multiport scanning fixes, some rare crashes on exit fixed, some memory leaks fixed. There's more stuff that has been fixed during the last few months, so enjoy.

Next we would start redesigning and rewriting aGSM's core and would be releasing version 3.xx, but that would not be sooner than beginning of the next year.

Special note about FSGS: when you decide to play on some FSGS server, your Battle.Net address in registry would be set to address of FSGS server of your choice, and your selected game would be started. You would simply have to select "Open BattleNet" in the game to play on FSGS server that you picked in aGSM.

Have fun!

Helping us, translators into Swedish, Danish and Polish languages have done a great job on translating, so huge thanks guys! And my very special thanks go to Morn, Chromag and the rest of pr0n junkies for the testing & mirroring of that version :)

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New version to be released soon, no Diablo2 support, why?

posted Sunday, September 3, 2000 by PiRaMidA

We have plans to finally release the last version of aGSM 2.xx soon. It would feature Nox and FSGS support, along with a bunch of bugfixes.

We decided to explain few things about the much-requested Diablo2 support. Here are three ways to play Diablo2 online, with explanation regarding aGSM implementation:

1. Closed Battle.Net. We can't add support for it because Diablo2's license agreement explicitly prohibits it. We are not sure why Blizzard decided to go this way but their agreement prohibits any third party utils from accessing their BattleNet service. So much for that, the Closed BNet idea was pretty silly anyway, since it can't hold the load of players it gets, centralized servers are a very bad thing for this type of client-server game.

2. Peer-to-peer (TCP/IP open games). This is what we wanted to get supported, to find games on your LAN and on Internet. However. Strange thing again - Blizzard did not implement any game querying code. So, it is impossible to say anything about the server before you connect to it. This way, to get some info about the server, we would have to make aGSM connect to every server it checks, emulating Diablo2 client. This is unacceptable and we are not doing it, refresh delay and coding effort are way over what we can afford. Again, very stupid decision by Blizzard (they have game querying implemented in Diablo, Starcraft, and all other games, except for Diablo2. Why they decided that players don't deserve to know which games run on their LAN - I don't know).

3. The most viable option for playing Diablo2 at the moment - Open BNet or FSGS. So, we are closing our eyes on obvious cheating and warezing that takes place on the FSGS network, because Blizzard simply did not leave any other choice for us. We would add support for FSGS, and you can play Diablo2 online by selecting FSGS server in the list, Diablo 2 would start and then you can choose "Open BNet", it would connect you to the server you selected in aGSM. You would be able to see who is playing and which games are running before connecting. Would work for both LAN and Internet FSGS servers. You don't need to install anything extra to play on FSGS.

I hope we made our position clear, sorry for this, no direct tcp/ip games of Diablo2 would be supported simply because it is impossible. Release is planned in the next few days, up to a week.

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Serious Sam

posted Saturday, June 10, 2000 by PiRaMidA

One more aGSM-unrelated news item. It goes to all people who likes FPS (first-person shooter games). Go download Serious Sam now. It's the game. Though you won't find many reviews of it or links to it on major sold-out gaming networks, trust me, you gotta play this game or you would die. This game is gonna be as big as DOOM when it comes out. Playable demo available for free download right now.

Oh, and Diablo2 has gone gold. Life is getting better every day :)

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Diablo2 code generator, sort of

posted Thursday, June 1, 2000 by PiRaMidA

First, I apologize for an off-topic post. Second, this is not a warez or something. Now, to the news - I guess many of you are waiting for Diablo2 as much as we are; and I guess there are quite a few people who did not get the key for this recent test version from Blizzard.

This is at least dissapointing, as we'd like to see what Diablo2 looks like (especially since it is being delayed so much), but unfortunately without the key you can't even install it :(

So PaPa did a workaround that let's you install Diablo2 on your machine, to be exact, it generates D2 keys needed to install the stress test (which is available for free download).

I want to note one thing - these keys would most probably not work on the Battle.Net as BNet has stricter key checking. Use the keys if you want to download the 100Mb archive and install it without being able to play it. At least you can look at what the game's frontend would look like and possibly have a look at some in-game graphics, if you manage to unpack the data files. Good luck!

I want to repeat once more for those who don't get it the first time (though people visiting this site are usually above that :) ) - the program would only create keys necessary to install stress test version of Diablo 2, this keys won't let you actually play the game online since the game is limited to Battle.Net in this test, and Battle.Net has additional restriction on keys.

No questions on this utility are answered since it is unsupported and you are free not to use it if you don't know why or how you should :)

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aGSM.Net is back!

posted Friday, May 12, 2000 by PiRaMidA

Hello there, thanks for checking us out.

Due to some changes occuring on our host network we had been left without DNS entry for over a month... Thanks to Verstoerer and VCities who now host our DNS.

As for aGSM progress, we did not do much due to the absense of email and the server for the last month. We also had some sponsorship deals but none have settled yet, so aGSM is still a self-sponsored project with no return :( Anyway, we do have great plans for version 3, and we still need to release a multilingual version 2.35b, which is almost ready except for some graphics. Expect more updates on our progress when we do have it (progress that is).

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aGSM 2.33d bug, update expected in a week

posted Tuesday, February 15, 2000 by PiRaMidA

Well, speaking of Windows apps stability... aGSM seems to be crashing for 1% of users after about 20 seconds of work. Temporary solution - disable Internet activity in Internet configuration if this seems to be the case.

We would issue an update when this bug would be fixed; we are also adding FSGS support and a few more languages (currently we have Polish, German, Russian, Swedish, and of course English to go in that next update).

If you have some time and the bug described above is reproducible on your system, please contact us ASAP and help us locate & fix that nasty animal. Thanks alot for your help! Look forward for an update in a week or so.

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aGSM 2.33d point release - out

posted Sunday, February 6, 2000 by PiRaMidA

Hello there,

The planned 2.33 point release is out. Fixed in this update - Windows 2000 issues (you know some of them if you tried 2.33c on Win2k :) ), added Drakan Internet support (only one active Drakan server in ISEL at the moment, hmm); GUI improvements like checkboxes in lists of games, and other things.

We recommend everyone to upgrade from 2.33c to d as this release is stable (as stable as Windows applications get :).

If you are new to aGSM, see our FAQ for some quick answers; or take a look around this site to see what this all is about.

Go to download section to get this 344Kb baby ;)

We did not add any new languages, though some are currently in works; German translation was improved, German gamers should thank [PPr]Verstoerer for this. German and Russian help files would be available from the download section in a few days; English help is included in this release.

That's it, enjoy!

P.S. There would be some way cool things announced soon regarding next aGSM versions (3.0), the future looks really bright for all the gamers who plays smart.

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Note to server admins: prepopulated server lists

posted Tuesday, January 25, 2000 by PiRaMidA

At the popular request, here is a method for server admins to easily distribute list of their servers: clean your Internet servers list, add all your servers to aGSM, then take servers.gsm from aGSM directory, rename it to something like myservers.gsm and put it on your page.

Now, any aGSM user can simply press right mouse button in their Internet servers list, select "Merge lists", use the list downloaded from your site - and become your frequent guest :) This saves much time to you and your users.

Surely, users can share their serverlists via ICQ or email in the same manner.

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Point release, translators needed

posted Monday, January 24, 2000 by PiRaMidA

Seems that few of our users are experiencing problems on WinNT4; this platform is not very well supported yet, because we have seen some very weird WinSock configurations on it, which simply do not allow normal game querying. As for extended support for Win2000, and other bugs you submit, it will all be fixed in the next point release which is planned in two weeks.

This next release would also feature many more languages; and we need your help for this. Some people already wrote about their will to translate aGSM; now we have a page with the resources needed to be translated. Please see TechBits page if you are serious about helping us make aGSM truly international, it has all the instructions needed. Thanks!

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aGSM 2.33c released, effective now.

posted Sunday, January 23, 2000 by PiRaMidA

We have just released aGSM v2.33c. It may take some time for mirrors to get updated, but the one and the local download are already operational.

List of features (full list in the whatsnew.txt):

  • Added support for Q3A full, Unreal Tournament, Team Fortress Classic, along with: Disciples, Age of Kings, Starsiege, Delta Force 1 & 2, Tribes, KingPin, FreeSpace2, Age of Wonders, Forsaken, Drakan
  • Added support for yet-to-be released but still very cool space combat sim Echelon (Storm), you can download LAN-only multiplayer demo at developer's site
  • Tons of interface improvements
  • HTML output generation, template based
  • Powerfull Import (working) with sort & resizable/draggable columns
  • Russian and German languages supported (more to come)
  • Can launch games from webpages (more info would be on developer's page soon)
  • Many convinient things and did we mention GUI improvements? ;)
  • Most of the crush on startup/during refresh bugs fixed
  • Support for the buggiest game of the year, SiN, and HalfLife / Unreal improved to reflect latest patches
  • This list can go on forever. 2.33c is better than 2.20b. period.

Oh yes, for god's sake, go download it from our downloads page now!

Some things on this site may look outdated - that's because we can't stand it anymore after two weeks of sleep deprivation... So the site will be updated in a day or so.

As usual, we welcome your feedback and suggestions - those willing to provide another download mirror, report a bug, translate to another language, or simply give us a job with 6-digit salary - mail us immediately! :)

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aGSM progress; developers page

posted Tuesday, January 18, 2000 by PiRaMidA

Hello there; the progress is back on track and we are aiming to release this baby very soon now (tm).

To keep the programming part of our readers busy, we have created a developers page which would contain various resources & bits of code with tips from aGSM, please go take a look at TechBits. We would be posting resources to be translated into various languages there soon; currently we are testing the system translating it all to Russian.

Almost all other things are done; though aGSM would not work on some weird installations of WinNT 4.0 it should work fine on all Win98 & Win2k systems.

I think I can see the release coming in the next couple of days; we still need to add support for Storm game, which is a very fine flight/combat arcade simulator with extremely classy grafics. We are expecting an answer from developers soon.

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aGSM and WinNT 4.0; sample HTML output

posted Friday, January 14, 2000 by PiRaMidA

Not everything goes as smoothly as expected; while testing on WinNT 4.0 few socket bugs have surfaced :( PaPa is going take care of them in the next couple of days, expect an update on our status then.

Meanwhile, I have assembled a quick example of our new HTML-generator thingie that would be usefull to anyone running servers and to those who just wants to share serverlists with their friends. It will be possible to specify templates for output, here is the very simple one I did for the test. You would be also able to automatically upload this to your web server to keep status updated in real time. Anyway, go check out this HTML output sample, sorted by ping. Again, this example is very basic and only contains some QuakeWorld servers; what your list would look like could be defined by you - you can even integrate it directly in your homepage or serverlist.

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Looking for contest winner :)

posted Sunday, January 9, 2000 by PiRaMidA

Well, aGSM is almost done. We need to test on Win95 and Win NT 4.0 for a while, and add few interface touches. The code part is all written, finally :)

If you recall, we had a contest for 100,000'th visitor to this site (it was actually in September). The winner was promised latest aGSM a week before official release with his name hardcoded. The bad thing is - I lost his email address; so if he is still there somewhere, please mail me, you know who you are :)

To the rest of you, stay tuned for this, much improved over 2.20b, update.

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NewsPro test - please ignore

posted Saturday, January 8, 2000 by piramida

This is simply a test of our new news system (whoa, that sounds funky). I would like to say thanks to the author of the NewsPro script for doing great job on it; real nice one! Please visit him if you need a news script for your website:

Btw, the release is being readied every day now. So like, stay tuned and stuff. (Yeah yeah you heard that already. But this time, it's for real :) ).

All of our previous news are now history ; if you really need them take a look at this page. That's it for now.

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