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alternative Game Server Monitor engine

This page describes how you could use the superior aGSM game monitoring engine in your program(s).

"aGSM engine" and "powered by aGSM" are trademarks of altSoft. aGSM engine is not based on anyone's work and is a complete property of altSoft. Please read the License Agreement if you want to know which rights on the aGSM program you do have.

Commercial Projects

Commercial projects can use the power of aGSM engine in many ways: if you are an ISP/game server rental agency/Internet cafe admin, game developer, or even a rich CS student, you can leave your game querying and other network related coding to us. We are your best choice because:

  • we are in this business for over 5 years (since 1997)
  • we are highly flexible and responsive to your needs
  • we do have experience in building most complicated software projects from ground up
  • we have unbeatable prices for development of custom software - 10$/hour
  • and finally we do have codebase for many common tasks, so development times are shorter if we reuse code
  • we can provide you with full sources - most dev companies give you the final product only
  • ...the list can go on. Mail us and we'll discuss details.

You would get game querying ability for any games that you require, in any format your project needs, with the source code if desired and unlimited post-implementation support & bugfixing. We can create anything from simple one-game monitoring code sample to a full-blown custom branded server browser version with the capabilities you need. Not only game browsing - but ftp/http/custom clients/servers, backends, and other types of networking coding is what we do best.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested, we would discuss pricing and other details based on your requirements.

Noncommercial Projects

Noncommercial projects can use aGSM's server database for free! You must have a well-known project at least in beta stage, available for public download.

All that we ask in return is a link to our site from a visible place in your program and/or help file, and a link from your site, using a special image that we would provide. What you get in return is access to our server's database, ISEL, and some help with your software, if you need it. Also, we would optionally place a link to your project's site on this site.

Mail us if your project is noncommercial, and your agree to the above conditions (some exclusions may apply).

You are not allowed to use our ISEL database without our permission, so ask first :)

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