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alternative Game Server Monitor mailbag

Some of the many letters from aGSM users. See what others have to say about aGSM (formerly known as LAN GSM). Skipped parts (<...>) usually contain additional feature requests, questions, or other off-topic material like bugreports :)

Dan Carter

I'd heard of internet programs to do the same thing but I didn't think there'd be one for a LAN but when I searched your site came up and I'm so glad it did.

I live in the UK on campus at a university and it's great to see all the games available without having to load up those processor-intensive games. It's a tiny program that doesn't slow my old machine down. It means when I'm doing "work" I don't have to spend too long finding games and provides a quick, easy, efficientt and welcome distraction from work, and being a student and borrowed up to the hilt I love the freeware. :)

Thanks, we are glad it helps your erm.. study :)

Steve Lundy

Hello there, I found your program just last week and found it to be an ingenius idea and am in love with it. To be honest with you, I was just sitting there one day checking my LAN on campus to see if there was anyone starting a Counterstrike game or an Unreal game and I was extremely sick of having to go into each game and through tons and tons of windows, and i thought to myself how nice it would be if there was a program that tracked all of these games *on an LAN* in a windows program without going to the desktop. I knew of programs like GameSpy and figured that it only worked for strictly internet games, so thats why I wanted something else. So I did an internet search and your site came up! Thank you so much for making this program and also for making it free. <...>

Really glad aGSM helped, we can imagine the pain of manually monitoring two games... yikes.

Emilio Pennini

What an absolutely fantastic rocks....full compliments to the coders for its simplicity and easy to follow user interface......Gamespy is bigger but aGSM is simply better.


Dominic Neal

What can I say....Incredible little program that answers all my ?'s on effectively manageing multi-game-server's and there multi game server app's in a LAN environment with 80 to 100 gamers all fighting for a piece of action.

Currently we have league tables and all other information relating to the weekend running on the internal www server, with AGSM giving us the server info, which is crucial to this type of environment, and with the option to start games from the iWeb using the excellent AGSM HTML server pages. <...>

The long boring evening in the office... Did somebody say "Quake"? ;)

Tony Fabris

I just tried AGSM for the first time, and it's pretty neat. It's a great LAN game server browser. Very full-featured. I'm quite impressed! <...>

Thanks; though it's yet not as full-featured as we want it to be :)

Colin Nash

I downloaded your program, and I noticed something kind of strange.

It detected 5 servers (Quake and Team Fortress Classic) running on my LAN, before I configured anything at all.

The thing is, I'm not on a LAN. It's just my computer at home. The info for these servers was updated, and some went down while others came up, and I could see players joining and leaving each server. I unfortunately don't own either of those games, so I couldn't join :(

The explanation I've come up with is that I'm on a cable modem connection (DHCP), which is essentially a LAN (or a WAN to be more precise....) so that would make sense -- but I figured that the cable ISP would've put some kind of restrictions -- it seems like something an ISP would do. All of the other servers had IPs from the same cable ISP, and amazing ping times, ranging from 9-35!!

I don't know if you realized this, but this could be a major selling point for your product -- being able to "see" any game running on a cable network, which may have thousands of users (who are all free to run these servers, unlike at work where everyone has to be sneaky.) <...> Anyway, great product and I'm glad to see you are aware of FSGS since I use FSGS occasionally when Blizzard's for Starcraft goes down (which is often.)

Yes, that is great - with the WANs getting more and more popular lots of people would need a program like aGSM (is there one? :) ). Thanks for sharing your experience!

Dave Lister

(from a letter published on's mailbag)

<...>Freeware rocks, especially when it's solid. that's why there's a special place in this bleeding heart for the guys responsible for AGSM, the Alternative Game Server Monitor. not only is it free, it's also supported. the only other software i can say is like that is linux. <...>

Thanks, that's quite a comparison :)

Brad Hershey

I appreciate your help. By the way, I'm a college student and I have aGSM running in the background as do all of my friends who like to play quake2 now and then. We think it's awesome. Good job!

Thanks, we also do think it kicks some major butt :)

Jason Sherman

I love aGSM, as it quickly does a good job of what it does. <...>
Keep making good software!

Yes sir we will!

Peter A. R. Jensen

Hi, my name is Peter A. R. Jensen from Denmark. I'm a student of a higher education.

first of all i would say thanks for a wonderful program, I have been looking for something like it for a long time and finally i found it.
I have used with for great pleasure, and where looking some way to show my gratitude <...>

Well, you've already did by using aGSM! We would not be anywhere now without you, the users. Thanks!

Vaughan "StresS" James


Finally!! I find the server monitor I have been dreaming about!! XxxxXxx is far too flashy, detailed, and complex. aGSM just plain kicks ass!<...>


Jens L. Nielsen

Hi there, I've been using your program with much succes, and I must thank you guys for making it - I'd actually like to pay a little for it<...>

Oh sure if you really-really want to pay we'll take it. Money is cool :)

Rick Trevino

Great program...THANKS! <...> I think aGSM is fine the way it is (since you already Q2 -- my personal favorite). Naturally, you will have to support Q3 when it comes out.

I will place a link to your site on my web page. I want everyone who visits my site to know about this great freeware program.

That's right, our goal exactly. People, do it, our cool button is on the left, it's tiny, just put it everywhere on your site to show your visitors that you play games the right way :)

Soulfly [DJedi]

Just wanted to say that aGSM is sweet, Great utility. I use it mainly for QuakeWorld TF cause sometimes if I just want to connect to one of my favorite servers and not boot up XxxxXxx, this is perfect. <...> Keep up the great work!

We substituted X's but we all know what's that you have to wait for hours to even start... :)

Thomas Zajic

Congratulations on a great utility!

Unlike certain other apps (*cough*XxxxXxx*cough* :-), it's small, fast, highly efficient, and absolutely not bloated - which has become far too rare in these days, where everybody and their mothers seem to release multi-MB smartass install wizards for even the smallest apps <...> there's nothing more to say than congrats again for a great utility! :-)

Yes, size *does* matter :)

Stephen Plummer

I run a WorldGroup BBS/ISP game server out here in Fresno, Ca. I have 45 lines and provide internet service. For 3 years I have been looking for a program that can monitor our IPX Novell LAN and remote to the online BBS users with the game status. Your GSM is so close to what I have been looking for. I know of 15 to 20 other sysop/ISP admins who need this option. <...>

Many of us have been looking for a program like yours that could save the current gameserver status of all servers into a text file. We could in turn pass to the other users online via the BBS telnet or HTML web page. <...>

Not intended to be used as a logger but why not - sure would work.

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