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alternative Game Server Monitor screenshots

These are some screenshots of aGSM dialogs. All screenshots are pictured in real size. aGSM can run on any Windows platform above Win95 (with exception of WinNT - it is supported but partially). When running, it consumes from 1.2Mb of memory and above, depending on your serverlist settings (number of servers in Import lists and Internet lists, number of LAN game servers, and available server info - some game servers report much more info than others).

(NOTE: quality and colors of some screenshots may not match actual quality and colors because of compression)

Internet Game Servers

list of Internet game servers with all available game server info

The list of Internet game servers, full mode (grayed icon means 0 players).


mini-mode shows no extended server information, just the basics - number of players, server address or name

aGSM in mini-mode refreshing list of LAN servers

General Configuration

configure aGSM and supported games

General configuration - set paths to games and their command line options, and control general appearance of aGSM

LAN Games Configuration

Configure aGSM behaviour on your local area network - segment to scan, broadcasts, etc

Here you can select for which games should aGSM look on your LAN

Internet Games Config

configure Internet options and your monitored server list

Add/import/remove/edit Internet servers which aGSM would monitor, and configure related options

Internet Game Server List Importing

import servers listing from ISEL game servers database

Import Internet servers in aGSM server list. Uses real-time updated ISEL server database!

Internet Server Info

one Internet game server info

aGSM in process of scanning an Internet server for active game ports

Game Configuration

one game configuration

Configure individual game - set path, add command-line configurations, etc

Find Players / Buddies

find a player by nickname on one of refreshed servers in your list

This lets you quickly locate your buddy on one of the active servers.

aGSM in Tray

aGSM in system tray, refreshing server list

The icon on the right is aGSM in tray. Also shown is tray menu which allows you to refresh server list without opening the program

Context Sensitive Help

help available on any GUI item in aGSM

Context sensitive help available for each and every meaningful item in all aGSM dialogs

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